Workshops and Keynotes for Parents

Designed to inform and engage parents in their child's achievement, these evening workshops are very popular with parents.


Each is ninety (90) minutes in length, and can be delivered to large or small groups. Starting at just $395, they offer tremendous value and are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. We now also offer selected workshops in webinar format--a great add-on to allow parents who cannot attend the F2F workshops to still access the information & resources.


Whereas most companies focus on supporting adults, Youth Coach Global's main focus is dedicated to empowering today's youth—teaching them powerful skills to succeed both now and into the future. These skills support several key areas: academic success, youth leadership & entrepreneurship, as well as self-


Workshops that Support Academic Success


What's Your Style? How best can we help our children become successful learners? Unfortunately what works for one student can be counter productive for others. This workshop leads parents through a learning style assessment (from the book, Discover Your Child's Learning Style, by Willis & Hodson) giving them first-hand understanding of what it all means, insights into his/her child's learning style, and how to best help with test preparation and homework. Very easy to administer, this assessment looks at five key areas: disposition, talents, interests, modality, and learning environment. (Download workshop outline)

Understanding Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities. The many faces of learning disabilities can often be confusing to families who live with them. This workshop provides a clear introduction to non-verbal learning disabilities, and discusses a range of strategies to help parents address and manage a range of issues. (Download workshop outline)

The Art of Possibility. Based on the books, The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, and Authentic Happiness, by Martin Seligman Ph.D., we explore many effective strategies that can be used by students, parents, or staff to foster positive attitudes and beliefs about learning and academic success. This workshop also addresses current research on motivation. (Download workshop outline)

Workshops that Support Personal Success

  • The Optimistic Child: Fostering Optimism & Resilience in Your Child. Based on the book, The Optimistic Child, by Martin P. Seligman, Ph.D., this workshop shows you how to teach your children the skills of optimism, helping them to achieve more both at school and in life. Learn about the fundamentals of optimism & pessimism, how to measure your child's level of optimism, and strategies to boost your child's ability to combat depression and come back from failure. (Now also offered as an online course for individuals.) (Download workshop outline)

The S.O.S (Stressed Out Student) Solution. Student stress continues to make headlines! Research has shown that high or continuous levels of stress can affect brain development in young children, as well as interfere with motivation, attention, memory, and the entire learning process. While some level of stress is normal and even desirable, our children need to be taught effective strategies to manage stress—preferably at young ages—learning how to reduce stress for success. Come join us for this informative and interactive workshop as we examine how to help children better understand and manage their stress—building resiliency and capacity for life. (Download workshop outline)
Conflict Management. Conflict is not something that can be entirely avoided, but it is something that we can learn to limit and manage. During this workshop we will take a look at some of the fundemental reasons that lead to conflict, how to better understand and manage them, as well as look at various communication styles. (Download workshop outline)
Help Your Kids Get Out of Their Own Way. In this hands-on and engaging workshop (where you even learn to juggle) we look at common barriers to success, and strategies kids and parents can put into place to help avoid or overcome them. Topics include: the nature of stress & how to reduce it (re-framing, eliminating negative self-talk, what to do when things go wrong, etc.), the importance of beginning with the end in mind (creating a positive vision), taking baby-steps (breaking things down, focusing on own circle of influence / control, etc.), and how to eliminate the excuses. (Download workshop outline)
Know Your Brain, Change Your Life. Based on the book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, by Daniel G. Amen MD, this workshop helps parents better understand how their (children's) brains work & simple steps they can take to change / modify behaviour(s). Learn about the biology of depression, anger, obsession, impulsivity, ADD, anxiety (and more), and the steps you can take to help your child better understand him/herself, the behaviours, and manage or reduce them without medication. (Download workshop outline)

Healthy Minds: Strategies to Support Mental Wellness at Home & School. We know that proper nutrition and physical health can impact learning, but so can a student's level of mental wellness. Research now shows that 1 in 5 students will experience a mental health illness, depression, or a substance abuse problem, and that about half of all psychological disorders emerge before the age of 14. In this informative workshop, learn strategies you can use to promote mental wellness at home, and resources available to help support your family and school community.(Download workshop outline)

Entrepreneurial Skills for Kids. Want to know some great ways to excite your kids about what they're learning in school AND help them make some money doing it? Come and learn some of the skills and ideas we teach in our new youth entrepreneurial programs. Discover easy-to-start business ideas, ways to engage your kids in school by linking subjects to their businesses, gain insights into way to introduce other great life skills (managing finances, "giving back", etc.), and much more. (Download workshop outline)


3 Popular Booking Options:

Evening workshops offered through your local school is one of our most requested booking options. Ask your your Principal or school parental association about bringing us in for an after-school or evening workshop. Some schools use our workshops as a fund-raising event and/or have a local business sponsor the event.

Studies have shown that stressed or unhappy employees take more sick days a year--up to 15 more! Help your staff reduce family-related stress by having us come in and share tips and strategies with them. Workshops can be tailored to a "lunch & learn" format, or offered during the workday as part of your staff wellness program.

Have a group of friends, neighbours, or coworkers who would love to attend an event? Consider having us present in your home. Split the cost and make a night of it--workshop, wine, and appetizers. Now THAT'S a fun way to learn.

Grant Info (For Ontario Public Schools & District School Boards)

Interested in having Youth Coach Global present to your parents at no direct cost to you?


Then be sure to take advantage of the Ontario Government's "Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants". Each year many schools use these grants to fund after-school / evening workshops for parents. Need help filling out the forms? Our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you.


New to PRO Grants? Watch out PRO Grant Writing Workshop webinar, complete with planning sheets & tips.


For more information on how your school can access these annual grants ( up to $1000), visit the Ontario Ministry of Education web site, and/or call our office (888.443.7977).


Grants for the 2020-21 school year are on HOLD.